Hub units are gaining increasing acceptance in automotive applications, resulting from the integration to various levels of the bearing wheel hub and knuckle assembly.
Hub unit bearings have to meet increasingly strict requirements that demand lighter weight, greater promotion of fuel efficiency, and enhanced module production systems. Along with the widespread adoption of antilock braking systems (ABS) to ensure stable maneuverability during braking, there is a growing need for our hub unit bearings with a built-in sensor.

Features & Applications

Brass Aluminium Workshop
Extended service life
Compact, lightweight design
Sealed for life with high performance, application-specific grease
Simplified assembly
Integrated functionality
Design flexibility
The offered products are widely used in different industries such as engineering, manufacturing, automotive, etc.


UC204 UCFL208 UCP215-48
UC205 UCFL208-24 UCT206
UC205-16 UCFL209 UCT206-18
UC206 UCFL210 UCT206-20
UC207 UCFL211 UCT207
UC208 UCF209 UCP207
UC208-24 UCF210 UCP207-20
UC209 UCF211 UCP208
UC210 UCF204 UCP208-24
UC211 UCFL205 UCP209
UC211-32 UCFL205-16 UCP209-26
UC212 UCFL206 UCP210
UC213 UCFL206-18 UCP211
UC213-40 UCFL207 UCP211-32
UCF205 UCP204 UCP212
UCF205-16 UCP204-12 UCP212-36
UCF206 UCP205 UCP213
UCF206-18 UCP205-16 UCP213-40
UCF207 UCP206 UCP215
UCF208 UCP206-18 UCT207-20
UCF208-24 UCP206-20 UCT208