Its tough body, cutting edges and insulation sleeves offer you the toughness, precision, comfort and safety you need to cut through thick and thin wires easily.

Tough Body
Its body is drop forged from high carbon steel and is scientifically heat treated, so as to give the body its toughness (45 to 48 HRC).

Cutting Edges
The cutting edges are induction hardened to give them a hardness of 55/60 HRC and you can use this plier to cut hard wires easily. Also, they are sharp and precise, so they can cut thin, as well as thick wires easily.

The rivet is hardened and made from carbon steel to give it the durability factor.

The insulation sleeves are made from good quality CA plastics that last long and dont break or crack, in case the plier falls down. These sleeves also offer a comfortable grip. Also, you can safely use it for your electrical projects, as it comes with a special thumb protector that minimises the risk of electric shocks. The plier is insulation tested up to 2800 V AC or 4000 V DC.

Wire Cutting Ability
You can cut through soft (74 to 84 kg/sq. mm) and hard (140 kg/sq. mm) wires.

Features & Applications

Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel
Induction Hardened Cutters.
Virgin Quality Acetate Sleeve.
Flat Serrated Jaws for Firm Grip.


JCP-275 8”