This is a specialized thick, short, stocky wrench with a block end to the handle specifically designed for use with a hammer, enabling one to impart great force. Used commonly with large fasteners, especially a nut and stud which both have index marks: the nut is screwed hand-tight, then further tightened with the striking wrench a known number of index marks calculated from the elasticity of the bolt or stud, thus giving precise torque (preload). Striking wrenches also provide shock and high force used to release large and/or stuck nuts and bolts; and when space does not allow room for a large wrench.

Features & Applications

With Life-Time Guarantee against manufacturing defects.
Heavy duty impact spanner.
Strong profiled handle and durable striking end.
Forged from high grade Selected Alloy with head set at 15 degree.
With BF(Black Phosphated) Finish.


22 60
24 65
27 70
30 75
32 80
34 85
36 90
38 95
41 100
46 105
50 110