We are one of leading wholesaler and trader of Polyester Cord V-Belt in Southern India. Our goal is to offer products of unmatched quality so that customers can achieve optimum production, efficiency and lowest operating cost. Our Seftech and Liberty brand V-belts are appreciated for their long life, optimum performance, high strength and quiet operation. With anti static and oil & heat resistance, these belts are very economical and offered at most competitive price. Our product range includes Classical V-Belts, under A, B, C & D Section V-Belts. Further our metric or Wedge belts are similar to classic V Belts, except they carry British standard specifications and a different angle. Wedge V- Belts are supplied in 10mm, 13mm, 17mm, and 22mm widths are most economical with excellent quality and are available under SPA, SPB, SPC and SPZ

section with vide range of size available on ready stock to serve our customers with prompt delivery.

Features & Applications

Designed specially for reverse-bend drive by positioning tensile members closer to the bottom compare to that of conventional multiple V-belts A, B, & C.&D.
Particularly suitable to Agricultural & Industrial Machinery, where V belts are often driven with tension idler pulley on their back.
Heat, Oil and Anti-Static resistant.
Enhanced power transmission capacity up to 25%.
No lateral whip, twist, spin or jump-off
High adhesion strength between tie-band and the belts
Eliminates changes of mismatch in length (Permanent Matched Set).
Antistatic, oil and heat resistant
Manufactured through single-stage curing process
V-belts and V-ribbed belts are power transmission drive belts with a triangular or trapezoidal cross section. They are available in a variety of belt materials, reinforcement styles, and speed configurations.
Typically, V-belts and V-ribbed belts are used with mating pulleys in drives where speed ratio is not critical. V-ribbed pulleys are often used with mating belts for efficient, very high speed power transmission.
Specifications for V-belts and V-ribbed belts include: Ultimate tensile strength (UTS)


A22 A43 A64 A85 A106
A23 A44 A65 A86 A107
A24 A45 A66 A87 A108
A25 A46 A67 A88 A109
A26 A47 A68 A89 A110
A27 A48 A69 A90 A112
A28 A49 A70 A91 A114
A29 A50 A71 A92 A115
A30 A51 A72 A93 A116
A31 A52 A73 A94 A118
A32 A53 A74 A95 A120
A33 A54 A75 A96 A124
A34 A55 A76 A97 A126
A35 A56 A77 A98 A128
A36 A57 A78 A99 A130
A37 A58 A79 A100 A134
A38 A59 A80 A101 A136
A39 A60 A81 A102 A140
A40 A61 A82 A103 A144
A41 A62 A83 A104
A42 A63 A84 A105